Our tips for taking care of your feet

Our tips for taking care of your feet

More than 6 out of 10 complain of foot pain, these sufferings are often linked to shoes. Chosen hastily and according to fashion to the detriment of our comfort. Follow us and discover all our advice to find a light step.

Arch pain? Choose the right insoles

The pain comes from a stretching of the aponeurosis, this part of the foot is used for propulsion when moving. This leads to tension at the end of the step. In the absence of adequate cushioning, the aponeurosis undergoes repetitive microtraumas.

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Attack solutions: to soothe the sore aponeurosis, roll a tennis ball under your foot for 5 to 10 minutes without pressing too hard. Adopt shoes with rigid soles to limit the stress on the forefoot.

Urea cream against painful calluses

Calluses are hyperkeratosis, which reflect a natural defense mechanism of the epidermis. This thickens strongly until it forms a horn, to fight against repeated micro-shocks, excessive friction or excess pressure on the support of the forefoot.

Attack solutions: as a shock treatment, a keratolytic cream concentrated in urea is applied. Hyperkeratosis is eliminated by gently exfoliating them once a week,and there are two options: the emery board or pumice stone on dry feet and the electric rasp on slightly damp feet.

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The perfect antifungal hygiene

It is the combination of the cocktail of humidity, heat, perspiration and closed shoes that promotes the proliferation of these dermatological fungi between the interstices of the toes, on the nails and/or on the skin.

Preventive solutions: dry your feet perfectly, not forgetting between the toes, powder them with an antifungal or coat them with a film with a fungicidal action. Then we put on cotton socks to prevent the spread of fungus to the toenail in particular.

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