The application of false nails

The application of false nails

If you want to extend your nails or find them too short, then applying false nails is the ideal solution. False nails are soft plastic capsules used to cover the surface of your nails. They are glued directly to the natural nail using a special glue. Today, Maryton will explain the application of false nails to you.

Applying false nails is a technique for lengthening your nails and is suitable for all types of nails. Its application steps mainly include:

Nail preparation

Using a soft file, file the free edge of the nail to correct small imperfections and irregularities. Then, apply Nail Prep to natural nails to dehydrate and degrease so that the capsules can adhere to them.

Placement of capsules

Place glue on the back of the capsule which will be in contact with the natural nail. Then, using a rocking movement, apply the capsule to the nail and hold the capsule firmly for several seconds. Proceed in the same way for the other capsules. To finish, select the capsule at the desired length.

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Nail filing

Proceed to the filing step using an electric nail file. Begin to file the demarcation between the capsule and the natural nail. Then, file the capsule to completely roughen it and the edges of the nail to obtain harmonious shapes. Dust with a shaving brush and apply acid-free primer in a thin layer to nails and caps.


If you want to sport ultra glamorous nails, then applying false nails is for you which you can match with a shimmering colored varnish.

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