Nail application with capsules

Nail application with capsules

Enhance your pretty nails with a nail application with capsules, this article will explain how to achieve successful extensions.

First of all, preparation of the natural nail is essential:

– File the free edge of the nails and round it with an electric nail drill.

– Polish the nails with a buffing block to remove all the shine from the plate.

Depending on the shape of the nail, choose your capsule:

– Use a large natural notch for flat nails.

– Or a small natural notch for curved nails.

– French capsule small notch for the nails with a small free edge.

Placement of the capsule

– Place a drop of glue in the middle of the notch and spread the glue over the entire surface.

– Slide the capsule vertically on the free edge until it is completely adhered to the nail.

– Apply pressure on the pressure, pushing out all the air bubbles.

– Wipe the whole thing and cut the capsule to the desired length.


Applying nail caps is an elegant method for having long, perfectly feminine nails.

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