The coffin shape, the good look to adopt for your nails

The coffin shape, the good look to adopt for your nails

Do you want to be trendy all the way, but you don’t know how? Convince yourself of the coffin shape. Thanks to it, your hands can be full of fantasy. You can also stay elegant with the coffin shape and the baby boomer technique. What is the coffin shape on the nails? Who can have this form? Keep reading!

What is the coffin shape for my nails?

“Coffin” is not very glamorous. We can refer to this form by the term “ballerina”, because it is reminiscent of a classic ballet slipper. The nail is long and tapered, but filed square on the free edge. The coffin shape is reminiscent of the almond shape. Moreover, the coffin shape is mainly done on long, even very long nails.

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Coffin shape, for whom?

To obtain the coffin or ballerina shape on the nails, it is necessary to proceed to a filing in order. First, you have to file them on the sides, to obtain an almond or even pointed shape. Then, place the file perpendicular to the nail and file. To be able to achieve the coffin shape, it is best to have nails of a certain length. If you absolutely want the ballerina shape, you can use gel false nails.

Coffin shape, what nail art?

When the coffin shape is obtained, you still have to decorate the nails. Rhinestones, sequins, mermaid, you can unleash all your creativity on your long coffin-shaped nails. For a more discreet, but very refined look, the baby boomer is a good choice. If your style is softer, try matte polish and nail art on the ring finger of each hand .

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