The different types of nail files

The different types of nail files

As we all know, different types of nail files have different functions. So, you should choose the most suitable nail file according to your needs. To help you choose the right nail file, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain the different types of nail files to you. Keep reading!

Half-moon 100/180: extremely resistant thanks to its thickness of 2 millimeters, it is suitable for multiple uses. With the less abrasive side, 180 grit, you can remove the semi-permanent varnish and mattify the natural lamella. With the rougher 100 grit, you can remove more rigid products like gel or acrygel.

Zebra files 180/240, 100/180 and 100/80: one of our best sellers, it is extremely versatile. It is available in different degrees of abrasiveness, for very delicate nails (180/240) or for the removal of long and rigid structures (100/80).

Washable files 180/240, 100/180, and 100/80: they can be disinfected with peracetic. It protects against infections and is a certified medical device.

Extra fine wooden file 100/180: extremely fine, super fine but resistant, perfect for precision work requiring particular attention to detail.

Now that you know how to use nail files professionally, all you have to do is invest in some professional manicure sets.

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