The best tips for making your manicure last in summer

The best tips for making your manicure last in summer

Summer often gives us a hard time when it comes to maintaining an impeccable manicure. Just a few moments on the beach and already our freshly painted nails seem to be in bad shape. Nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to avoid such disappointment and how to make your varnish last longer.

Moisturize your nails!

First of all, you should not neglect hydrating your nails during the summer season. Because our nails are hard hit by the drying effects of chlorine and salt when we’re at sea or swimming in a pool. To avoid this, you should adopt an appropriate nail routine. It is recommended to regularly massage your nails with an oil or specific treatment.

Leave your nails alone

Although the temptation is great to paint your nails in summer, consider giving your nails a rest. Indeed, summer is the perfect season to treat yourself to a detox manicure. However, if you decide to varnish your nails, be sure to always apply a finishing coat of top coat. Not only does this layer protect your nails but it also seals in the shine of your polish.

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Apply your nail polish properly in summer

Regarding the application of varnish, it is common to think that the summer heat will make your varnish dry more quickly. Error ! Instead, soak your freshly painted nails for five minutes in a bowl of cold water. Also avoid doing your manicure directly after showering, as the water remaining in the nail can cause small bubbles to appear during drying.

As for the choice of varnish, semi-permanent varnish is undoubtedly more resistant but can damage your nails. This is why it is recommended to let your nails rest for a few days between two manicures. On vacation, you can opt for glitter varnishes which are very resistant and which disappear less easily.

Keep your varnish properly in summer

Finally, storing your varnish is also an element that should not be neglected. The ideal is to store your varnish in a dry and cool place to keep its formula intact. Don’t think about using nail polish remover to thin your nail polish, this will make it more difficult to dry.

With all these tips, you can now ensure that you have a perfect manicure throughout your summer. Make the most of it! What’s more, you’d better invest in some manicure supplies to care for your nails

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