Treat yourself to a little detox cure for the nails!

Treat yourself to a little detox cure for the nails!

With the new trend of “never without my varnish”, the nails no longer breathe and end up suffocating under the layers of products. In order to restore the health of our nails, a short break is essential… Here are our few tips for treating yourself to a detox treatment for the nails!

To start the detox cure for the nails, it is high time to say goodbye to your varnish! To remove all traces of varnish, use a cotton pad soaked in a mild acetone-free nail polish remover. In order not to damage your nails, don’t try to rub with all your strength with the cotton soaked in solvent, just leave the cotton on your nails for a few seconds.

Then, to allow the nails to grow and to have whiter and softer nails, you can perform a little hand scrub! When exfoliating, don’t hesitate to make small circular movements on the contour of the nails where dead cells tend to accumulate. After exfoliation, don’t forget to nourish the nails and hands well by applying a moisturizer.

Finally, take a week to pamper your nails before applying nail polish again! The little miracle trick for your nails is lemon and especially lime! It is enough to regularly dip the tips of our fingers in lime juice. This whitens them and makes them stronger!

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