Damaged nails, is it serious?

Damaged nails, is it serious?

Nails as part of our body, we need to use professional manicure sets to care for them. However, our nails are often get hurt due to the housework and external environment. But, damaged nails, is it serious? Follow us to find the answer!

Whitish streaks: a question of age

The keratin, one of the constituents of the nail, loses quality over time. We speak of “wrinkles” to qualify these vertical lines. But streaks can also indicate anemia or a hormonal imbalance.

If the streaks signal a lack of B vitamins, it can be corrected by eating legumes, eggs and green leafy vegetables such as spinach. To strengthen your nails and prevent them from splitting, file their ends and choose a hardener varnish as a base.

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A yellow and thick area: definitely a mycosis

Onychomycosis is linked to the presence of a microscopic fungus, which parasitizes the hands or feet. The nail turns yellow or greenish gray, thickens and may even become painful. Smoking or prolonged application of color varnish without a base also cause the tips of our fingers to turn yellow.

In the case of limited damage, a varnish to be applied locally every day or several times a week can get rid of the mycosis. But if the matrix is affected, an antifungal tablet will have to be taken every day until total regrowth!

White spots: mini-traumas

They are not the sign of a calcium or vitamin deficiency, but the result of blows or small impacts on the matrix or the plate of the nail, which cause an abnormality of keratin. Various daily activities can be the cause of these mini-traumas.

There really isn’t a cure. You have to wait for the nail to grow back. What’s more, these small shocks can be prevented by putting on gloves when washing. Don’t forget to feed them with a moisturizer, which will make them less brittle.

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