The Best Budget TWS Earphones PaMu Slide

The Best Budget TWS Earphones PaMu Slide

About a year ago, when Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds first started to hit the market, we checked out the padmate pamu scroll which were actually a pretty cool pair of wireless headphones that still works really well and has an interesting battery case made out of leather, a very distinctive design. And now the company is back with their newest pair of earbuds, it’s called the pamu slide, this product is available on IndieGoGo for 50 dollars and claims to be a great option for sports and athletes due to its snug fit. It’s called a slide because it has a sliding mechanism for the battery case, and there’s also a bit more of an expensive version that sells for $20 more 70 dollars if you want Qi wireless charging built into the battery case. But, again, the normal edition is only $50, so it’s cheaper than the original Pamu scroll and has a bit more of a rugged design that can withstand the elements more. It’s no longer made out of the soft leather material. They claimed to last up to 10 hours on a single charge, part of the long battery life is due to the newest Qualcomm chip that they’re using the h3 which they claim is actually newer found on the competing Apple earpods which is still the older generation Qualcomm chip inside.

Padmate PaMu Slide Review: Pros and Cons

We have a hard box that is magnetized and we have just the pamu slide inside, below that compartment we have some of the accessories which include a USB type-c cable for fast charging, the battery keys can be charged up in about 2.5 hours, and some spare silicon tips to get a more snug fit and also the user manual which is actually documented in a pretty dense little book in addition to a quick guide, it tells you what the correct tip should be to fit into your ears. The battery case it is very distinctive, looking like a cube and the textured surface reminds me a lot of a speaker like a Google home Mini, but of course it doesn’t actually blast out sound, it’s just for texture that makes it easier to strip on to. You can snap it open and also snap it closed and it’s very satisfying, just like those older slider phones that we used to have back in the day.

The Best Budget TWS Earphones PaMu Slide

Now, inside we have to see earbuds themselves which are stuck into these magnetized grooves and there’s two contact points that it relies on for. There’s an LED light and again the earbuds itself is touch sensitive which acts as play, pause commands and you can long hold on each earphones to turn the volume up or turn the volume down.

The battery case are also larger than the aforementioned as you can see, so it is going to be a bit thicker but still is good enough to put into a backpack pocket without adding too much bulk. Just know that it is gonna be a little heavier but you get longer battery life as their result.

So far, I have found that is definitely very comfortable, because of the soft touch rubber accents going on, they didn’t really fall out even as I was moving, even running and they stayed very securely in my ears, despite they don’t have a larger outer wing which catches on to the outside of your ears. The softer rubber accident can actually be removed from the earphones, if for whatever reason you want to swap them out, change the color or you want to replace it, that is actually possible.

Moving into performance and audio quality. They definitely sound extremely clean as well as just a very natural in terms of the overall sound signature. There’s plenty of base, but also a good balance of mids and highs. And as a whole, they’re just extremely comfortable even for long-term listening sessions, which can stretch on for hours and hours. Overall the sound quality is very pleasant and there’s very little distortion when you listen very closely. You can even turn the volume all the way down but you won’t really find any hissing or humming in the background.

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