Padmate PaMu Slide Review: Pros and Cons

Padmate PaMu Slide Review: Pros and Cons

Padmate is a company that in the last few months has been talking a lot, after a very successful Indiegogo campaign that has collected over 3 Million dollars and over 60,000 contributors and that has earned it the title of best campaign ever on the platform of crowdfunding for an audio product.

But perhaps not everyone knows that Padmate is a company with twenty years of experience in the design of audio products, and that in the past it produced for companies of the caliber of Monster, Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi. Thanks to its experience, the Xiamen-based company in China has returned with a new model of true wireless earphones: PaMu Slide.

Let’s see how we found them, and what are the pros and cons of these new true wireless headphones.


1) Design: the shape of the earbuds has been renewed compared to the previous model and the rods typical of Apple AirPods type products have been added, able to guarantee greater stability in the ear but also to integrate larger antennas, making the more stable and higher quality signal. All while maintaining a low weight of only 7 grams per earpiece.

2) Ergonomics: the earphones always remain firmly in your ear, even during sports and racing activities, and we can truly say that they never fall! In pack there are 6 pairs of bearings so as to be sure to find the most suitable ones for your ear. In addition, the PaMu Slide are waterproof to perspiration and splash water, with IPx6 certification.

3) Battery life: inside each earphone there is an 85mAh battery that can play music for 10 continuous hours. And considering the housing with a 2000mAh battery the autonomy increases to over 60 hours of reproduction.

4) Audio quality: we were surprised by the excellent sound quality of these PaMu Slides, with thick bass and no distortion in the higher frequencies. Also thanks to the new Qualcomm QCC3020 processor that halves energy consumption and greatly improves the stability and audio quality of the signal transmitted via Bluetooth 5.0, and of the support for high quality AptX audio protocols.

5) Auto Pairing, touch controls, noise cancellation: the earphones connect to the smartphone in less than a second by simply extracting them from the case, and can be driven with simple taps: you can control music playback, calls, volume and the smartphone’s voice assistant. Furthermore, thanks to two microphones for earphones, noise cancellation makes listening even more enjoyable.

6) Charging case: the case has the dual function of protecting and recharging the earphones, but if necessary it also turns into a wireless power bank to recharge a smartphone or an accessory compatible with wireless charging standards. In addition, the charging port of the case is a USB Type-C, so no need to carry a charger other than the smartphone if you are an Android user.

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Honestly we have found no flaws to report, but wanting to write something we can only say that the dimensions of the case are quite high, making it sometimes uncomfortable to carry around if you don’t have a bag or a backpack. Certainly it is the price to pay for having a power bank, but in fact in the pocket of a jeans they are not very comfortable.

Final judgment PaMu Slide

In general, these PaMu Slide really impressed us, managing to improve the already excellent PaMu Scroll from every point of view. With an excellent audio quality, a much better than average battery life and a pleasant design we are already advised, but if we then add that the current price on Indiegogo is only $49, we can only say that it is a best buy!

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