The TWS Headphones That Makes the Music World Crazy

The TWS Headphones That Makes the Music World Crazy

In the previous article, the impressive numbers that the Pamu Scroll made over two months of funding in the Indiegogo community – more than 3 million dollars for more than 60,000 supporters from 120 countries. To achieve that success is in part thanks to Padmate’s reputation in the previous and major capital project from Pamu Scroll. Here I will give some personal views that make up the success of this project.

This is the biggest difference when compared to other wireless headsets. You are absolutely mesmerized by seeing Pamu Scroll’s simple yet extremely refined and luxurious design. Pamu Scroll’s size is much smaller than other similar headphones like Bose Sound Sport Free, Sony SP700N and does not stumble like Apple’s Airpods (this is probably the point I hate most on Airpods despite the ear design. very neat).

Another thing is that Padmate-tech is extremely creative when it comes to making cases for leather headphones, a very new material that gives Pamu Scroll a unique style. This is also the thing that users must be most careful when choosing colors for themselves. Because each color shows a unique personality and the skin surface is handled very well with different lines.

Bluetooth 5.0

This may be a significant improvement over the completely wireless headphones on the market. Bluetooth 5.0 allows farther bandwidth transmission with much larger capacity than 4.2 technology, so the loss of connection and delay on the Pamu Scroll headset is almost impossible to perceive. Bluetooth also helps Pamu Scroll to improve the time of pairing with devices, you just need to wear it and you can listen to music almost immediately. Bluetooth technology applied on Airpods and Sony SP700N, Bose SoundSport Free is 4.1, on Jabra 65T is 5.0.

Improving sound significantly

In the pamu Scroll version the sound is significantly improved. Although not perfecting the bass, it may not satisfy you with bass head but in return Pamu is quite sharp, and the sound in the Mid and Treble bands is quite balanced. Suitable for you to listen to Ballad music, Pop. Sound quality is quite good.

 IPX6 waterproof standard

Pamu Scroll is a complete wireless headset equipped with Ipx6 waterproof standard that can withstand water jets at high pressure. Padmate tested Pamu x13 under the shower pressure and still works normally so I believe that with Ipx6, you can absolutely wear headphones when bathing. This is a pretty high waterproof standard for those who do not need to listen to music while swimming.

Support Siri, Google Assitant

It can be said that it is a great fairy point compared to the Pamu X13 because I often use Siri to learn English and use simple operations without opening the phone. The operations are quite stable on IOS and Android operating systems

However, it does not support multi-manipulation to both undo or increase volume on headphones. Looking forward to ver 3.0 Padmate will improve this

Talk with both ears

Currently only Apple Airpods, Jabra Elite Active 65T, and Pamu Scroll for voice support on 2 ears. Because of the characteristics of Trulywireless line is the headset is designed quite small and fits in the ear, so the mic will be far from the sound source, so when talking, it is often worse than wired headphones. However, designing 2 mics in 2 ears will partly offset the inherent disadvantages of this line. I appreciate the ability to talk, Jabra Elite 65T is the most outstanding headphones thanks to owning 4 mic and noise processing technology, while the ability to talk on Airpods and Pamu Scroll is similar

Improved usage time

On the Pamu Scroll, there is no improvement in battery life compared to Pamu X13, but one thing that makes the Pamu Scroll allow longer periods of use with the auto-off feature when not in use (when not connected to Bluetooth) increases. Significant time of use. And you can wake up the headset just by tapping it with the touch face to wake up the headset, this is extremely convenient because in the previous version you had to put the headset back in the box to turn on the Auto Pair feature.

Never fall out

Pamu’s slogan x13 is Never Fall out means that Padmate insists that the headset will not fall even when it is active. In this Pamu Scroll version, even though there is no Hook headset to hold the headset in the ear like other headsets, I have personally experienced it and make sure not to fall even if you dance frantically. And especially, Padmate Vietnam will support users to buy one side of the headset in case one party is lost or dropped, this is the case often for this compact headset line.

Good price

This is also the point that makes the biggest difference of Pamu Scroll, which is only half the price of similar in-line headphones with comparable quality. If you don’t have too much money and want an affordable and quality product or if you consider the headset as an accessory to express your own style, choose Pamu Scroll. Of course, if you are a lover of famous brands, Bose, Jabra and Apple are also good choices.

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