White spot on the nail, lack of magnesium?

White spot on the nail, lack of magnesium?

You woke up and noticed that you have white spots on your nails and it spoils their beauty? In the majority of cases, it is not due to a health problem. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain the causes of the appearance of these famous white spots as well as how to prevent them.

Where do white spots on nails come from?

These white spots may come from:

  • Zinc or calcium deficiency or excessive manicuring
  • A shock on the nail
  • Some diseases
  • Side effects of certain medications
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How to Treat and Avoid White Spots on Nails?

If the cause is not medical, there is no real treatment for white spots on the nails. These will go away on their own. It will depend on how long your nails grow back. Generally, it is estimated that white spots disappear in 6 months for fingernails and up to a year for toenails.

If the white spots are caused by something else, it is possible to get rid of them. The ease and effectiveness of treatment depends on the cause of the white spots. The cause can be determined by mycology where the fungus and a piece of nail are sent for analysis.

Depending on the results of the tests, treatment may be taking antibiotics to fight the fungal infection or taking dietary supplements such as vitamins if you have a deficiency.

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