Beautiful from head to toe

Beautiful from head to toe

For flawless hands, a minimum of care is required. A sinecure? No, a regular manicure! To you files and polishers… Today, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

Perfect hands:

As we all know, beautiful hands are not obtained overnight, they must be taken care of all year round. In winter, wear warm gloves to prevent chapping. When you undertake household chores, it is better to protect your hands with rubber gloves. When you apply a cream, make sure to always massage upwards towards the heart of the hand.

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Soft hands:

Thin and fragile, the skin of the hands is the most attacked part of the body. Moisturizing products leave a protective film. Massage your hands with a suitable cream in the evening before going to bed. If they are very damaged, use a restorative night cream as a 30-day cure.

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Do a manicure:

To prevent nails from splitting, avoid filing or cutting them right after leaving them in the water for a while. Using your file, give them the desired shape. Immerse your fingers in warm water with a few drops of olive oil or fortify them with suitable products. Push back the small skins and cuticles using a wooden stick. Apply the varnish starting from the center and in two coats.  

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