Nail pathologies

Nail pathologies

Nails are an integral part of our body, which need us to use professional manicure and pedicure kits to care for them.However, in our daily life, people are troubled by nail pathologies. Today, let  we talk about the nail pathologies. The most frequent pathologies affecting the nail apparatus are:


Anonychia is characterized by the absence of lamina. This pathology could appear in conjunction with the variation of the natural color of the nail (chromonychia). The causes of this alteration could be the consumption of drugs and/or the metabolism of toxic substances.


Heloma is characterized by a thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin that forms between the interdigital spaces of the toes or in the districts surrounding the nail.


As a result of an infection due to pathogens (yeasts, molds or dermatophytes), the nail tends to discolor totally or partially, or it presents stripes or longitudinal white lines from the base upwards.

White spots on the nails

In some cases, white spots on nails are due to the creation of air bubbles between keratinocytes.


Onychauxis is manifested by thickening of the nail associated with yellowish-brown pigmentation of the plate and hypertrophy of the furrows caused by the thickening of the edges of the nail.


A condition in which the nail plate penetrates deep into the skin creating inflammation and pain.

Curved nails

Curved nails can indicate disorders in the respiratory system: the lungs and the bronchi.

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