Foods that are good for nails

Foods that are good for nails

As we all know, proper nutrition is the basis for healthy and strong nail growth. But what are the foods good for nails? How to adjust our diet? Let’s see it together!

Foods that are good for nails: fish, meat, dried fruit

Among the foods that are good for the nails and allow a healthy regrowth without flaking or continuous chipping we certainly find fish, in particular the blue one, salmon and anchovies. Rich in Omega 3 and noble proteins, they will help you strengthen not only your nails, but also your hair and skin.

Iron is also very important, necessary for proper regrowth, so you need to include red meats and dried fruit in your diet. If you don’t eat meat, you can replace it with green leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Calcium and silicon: important for nails, but not only

Calcium is an important element in strengthening and thickening the nail plate. Therefore, among the foods that are good for the nails, we also find milk and all its derivatives. Very often we also tend to underestimate the beneficial and protective function of silicon and zinc, present in eggs, wheat germ, garlic and whole grains. These two mineral salts will allow you to show off your dream nails, hair and skin.

Don’t forget to hydrate your body well: consume fruit, vegetables, herbal teas and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for the good of your manicure and your body. If infusions and hot drinks just don’t go down in the summer, consume them cold or create a refreshing detox water, it will help you drink with taste and lightness.

And you? Which of these foods that are good for nails do you consume on a daily basis? Did you know their benefits?

As always, I invite you to try and wish you a good manicure! If you want to get know more of nails supply, take a look at our Maryton, and you will find more products at affordable prices.

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