False nails: put on & take off

False nails: put on & take off

Fake nails are a quick and easy way to be able to flaunt a perfect manicure in minutes. With the advent of gel, acrylic and fiberglass reconstruction techniques, they are a little less used than a few years ago.

But since the market is constantly evolving, it is possible to buy already decorated ones, with French, with original and fun designs in order to create a perfect nail art without having to go crazy between brushes and dotters.

In addition, you can also buy the self-adhesive ones, which do not require special glue and are much easier to use, even for a single evening! Finally, they are an excellent way to hide a broken nail and avoiding having to file them all. In short, although they are perhaps a little underestimated nowadays, they are still a good compromise to show off perfect hands and to have some fun.

False nails: how to put them on?

Classic false nails need to be applied with the glue contained in the package or with a specific nail product. Absolutely do not use other types of adhesive, or glues are not suitable for manicures, you could risk losing a nail! Putting them on is pretty simple, here are the steps to take:

  • Remove all traces of nail polish, nail care products, or moisturizers
  • Lightly dull the surface with a buffer file, especially if you have oily nails
  • Put a small amount of glue on your false nail choosing the one of the most suitable size
  • Apply light pressure for about thirty seconds to make it adhere well
  • Clean any residue with a cuticle stick
  • If you don’t like the shape, file the margin slightly for a more natural result

False nails: how are they removed?

In perfumery and specialized stores they sell the special solvents to dissolve the glue for false nails. Never use acetone or other products, buy a specific one and ask the staff for advice if necessary. Once you have purchased the remover, rub it on the surface until the edges are lifted. At this point, try to remove it gently, without exaggerating the pressure and if you struggle, wet again with a little solvent.

There are also immersion jars on the market that allow you to dissolve the adhesive without damaging the surface and to remove the false nail in just a few minutes.

How long do false nails last? How can I best treat them?

Fake nails with glue last approximately 3 or 4 days before starting to come off, while self-adhesive ones can last up to a maximum of 48 hours. To extend the duration of your manicure, avoid contact with hot water or other heat sources as much as possible and always use gloves when doing housework.

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