3 Travel Outfits That Don’t Sacrifice Comfort or Style

3 Travel Outfits That Don’t Sacrifice Comfort or Style

No matter where you’re traveling, the wardrobe you bring on a trip is pretty much dependent on being comfortable and confident in your looks. As a serial overpacker, I’m no stranger to the sit-and-zip method for closing a suitcase (a.k.a pack as much stuff as I can, sit on my suitcase, and carefully zip it without ripping the zipper), but overpacking can equal too many options. In the last few years, however, I have found that planning outfits is a much better solution that allows for less time focusing on getting dressed and more time on exploring the new locale. With convenience and style in mind, the three outfits below were assembled based on some of the world’s most desirable destinations.

Bonjour, Paris!

To experience the enchantment and history that Paris has to offer, walking is a must. Whether you’re exploring the Rodin museum on the Left Bank or popping in and out of shops in Le Marais on the Right, you’ll be most comfortable in an outfit of basics and a pair of supportive shoes.

(01.) This modern sweater is made all the more chic with a crisp white button up shirt layered under.
(02.) An elegant pair of black sunglasses with a slight cat eye brings a bit of fashionable drama.
(03.) as does the perfect shade of reddish-pink lipstick.
(04.) Fitted black pants pair with pretty much anything — not to mention are a staple in any Parisian woman’s wardrobe.
(05.) Don’t forget to pack a portable snack (I included a delicious coconut chia seed bar, but macarons from Pierre Hermé or Ladurée are also a great choice!).
(06.) Keep your passport safe in this très français case.
(07.) You won’t have to worry about your footwear slowing you down with these ultra comfy shoes — they’re named the cloud steppersTM for a reason!

Marrakech Express

One of Morocco’s most fascinating cities, Marrakech boasts jaw-dropping architecture, lush gardens, and a sprawling marketplace.

(01.) Keep your camera close with a hand-loomed camera strap.
(02.) Light, airy clothing like this chambray top is key in warm desert weather.
(03.) Aviator sunglasses get a slightly vintage upgrade with a tortoise shell brow bar.
(04.) Keep it loose and comfortable with olive green jogger pants.
(05.) When layered over monochromatic basics, a boho paisley scarf can add interest.
(06.) Capture every memory of this historical city with a vintage-inspired digital camera.
(07.) A pair of lace-up sandals in a neutral color can accompany almost any outfit, day or night.

Tranquility in Tulum

Many recognize Tulum as an oasis of pure relaxation; a coastal Mexican city comprised of immaculate beaches and ancient ruins.

(01.) A breezy long dresses for women can transition from the beach to the bar.
(02.) You’ll live in a pair of circular sunglasses.
(03.) Whether you plan on practicing yoga or laying on the beach all day, staying hydrated is easy with a cool water bottle.
(04.) Remember to reapply sunscreen, especially after taking a dip in the ocean!
(05.) Throw just the necessities in your woven tote (this one is made from responsibly sourced agave leaves).
(06.) The ultimate “I’m on vacation” accessory is a wide-brim straw hat.
(07.) This beach towel can easily be used to keep your hands from slipping as you do your sun salutations on your yoga mat.
(08.) Slipping in and out of these leather sandals is a breeze.

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