Biting your nails, this habit that says a lot

Biting your nails, this habit that says a lot

If you’re wondering why you bite your nails and you’re on your fourth bottle of bitter nail polish, this article is for you. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain everything to you. Read on!

For what ?

Much more than a very bad habit, biting your nails says a lot about your personality. Nail biting reveals an impatient personality which can give rise to frustrations. This would also be a sign of recurring boredom and the permanent search for perfection.

It is also a self-aggression, which often affects introverted people. Extroverts tend to attack others rather than themselves. This can also be explained by imitation. Seeing someone else biting their nails can suggest that we reproduce this gesture.

Is it really bad?

  • Our mouth picks up a bunch of bacteria nestled under our nails.
  • Biting our nails creates lots of sores around our nails which can lead to a skin infection.
  • It’s not just your nails that are affected, your teeth can also become weakened over time

How to stop?

  • Try to understand what stresses us and what triggers this attitude.
  • Take care of your hands.
  • Get manicures regularly with a manicure kit.
  • Use repellent products to apply to your nails. Their role is to disgust you, they generally exist in the form of nail polish or even oil.

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