The differences between a UV lamp and an LED lamp

The differences between a UV lamp and an LED lamp

Today’s women always want to be at the forefront of fashion, they often use the professional manicure and pedicure kit to care for their nails. Well-groomed nails are very important for the image of a woman, nails and hands are excellent presentation cards. Currently, on the market, there are several types of varnishes, among them you will find permanent and semi-permanent varnishes that guarantee you an always impeccable manicure.

Semi-permanent varnishes are made of a polymer called methacrylate, which requires the use of a UV or LED lamp for drying. The hold of these varnishes is 2 to 3 weeks, while retaining their shine and the intensity of the color. UV lamps or LED lamps are devices specially designed for drying semi-permanent varnishes or for gel nails.

For drying semi-permanent varnishes under a UV or LED lamp, it is important to respect the order of application of the different layers, whether it is the base, the color and the top coat. These two devices are good products, but there are some aspects that can help you choose the one that suits you best, we will give you the details below:

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The human eye can perceive light when it is between 400 and 780 nm. Light that falls within this average is considered ultraviolet. Whether UV or LED lamp, they both have a light intensity that is below 400 nm, they are differentiated by the wavelength.

Drying time

Using a UV lamp the varnish will take more or less 2 minutes to dry while with an LED lamp, it will dry in 30 seconds. In this aspect, the LED lamp is much more effective and comfortable, for the rapidity in the secado. Also, avoid exposure of the manos to UV rays.

Efficiency of the procedure

Ultraviolet light needs more energy, which generates more expense. LED lamps consume less energy, they are more resistant and ecological, which means that in the long term, they are more economical.

Type of varnish

All polishes that contain gels can be cured with UV light and achieve excellent results. While the LED light only dries semi-permanent polishes.


LED lamps are generally more expensive to purchase than UV lamps, but in the long term, as we explained to you just before, you will save money because an LED lamp dries the varnish much faster and the bulbs are much more resistant than on a UV lamp.

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