Men’s nails: when to do it and how

Men’s nails: when to do it and how

As the nail supply stores growing, more and more women are focusing on their nails. Just like the female, male nails are also easily damaged and need care to be at their best. But when to resort to reconstruction? And how?

Is men’s nails different from that of women?

It is the details that are important in a man’s look and more and more people are carefully looking at their hands to understand who they are in front of. In a beauty sector so rich in offers, it is not surprising that manicure has also become a thing for men. In the case of nail reconstruction, it is carried out especially in cases of nail biting. Gnawing nails is a very frequent habit and puts the health of the fingers at risk, which induces inflammation and infections along the cuticles.

The reconstruction allows you to recover the shape and natural beauty of the nails, as well as prevent this bad habit thanks to the drafting of an anti-nail polish whose unpleasant taste is an excellent deterrent.

All other cases where a reconstruction is essential

It often happens that the hands suffer shocks due to intense work or an accident, if the nails were affected. In this case, the nail reconstruction not only solves the pain but allows the restoration of the aesthetics of the hand in a single session.

In general, it is advisable to have a manicure every two months in order to evaluate the condition of the nails and to constantly improve their appearance. Apart from the old-fashioned belief that manicure is a feminine treatment, men also need a 360care and that is why the hands deserve equal attention.

Men’s nails: which products to use?

For male nail reconstruction, it is necessary to use products less than female. Because men do not want it to be noticed too much, there are camouflage builders and opaque sealants, which blend perfectly with the natural nail surface. In this way the nails will be perfect, neat and with a nice homogeneous color.

And you, have you ever evaluated the idea of nail reconstruction on a man? We have reached the end of this article dedicated to Men’s nails. Have a good manicure!

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