Find out why you shouldn’t cut your cuticles anymore

Taking care of your nails is not always easy. Damaged by the daily use of our hands, our nails deserve to be pampered with professional nail supplies, right down to the cuticles! Here’s why you should stop cutting them.

Cuticles are the small, dead skin located on the surface of the nail (not to be confused with the eponychium, the small piece of skin along the bottom of the nail). Often considered unsightly, cuticles sometimes give an unfinished effect to our manicure. However, they should absolutely not be cut. The cuticles serve as protection for our nails against germs and infections, so we must take great care of them.

Gestures to be banned

The cuticle is an essential shield, but very fragile and certain actions that we perform daily do not help. When we cut or push back a cuticle, it ends up damaged, cracked. In short, it becomes an open door for bacteria and infections that can turn into nightmares. Indeed, some infections require specific treatments, while others can take you to the point of surgery …

In short, we put away our nail scissors, nail clippers and cuticle push sticks! Because even if we are often recommended to push back your cuticles, this gesture also damages them if it is not done correctly! It is best not to touch it at all, as this could cause cuts, whitlow and other annoying injuries.

How to take care of your cuticles?

Even if it means keeping your cuticles, you might as well take care of them! First, do not neglect the filing of the nails, before applying a special cuticle treatment (in the cupboard the oils and creams for the hands, it is necessary to invest in an emollient specially designed for this use!). After applying it in a “U” all around the nail, the product is left to stand for 30 seconds.

Using a scrub on the hands or feet, massage your nails for a few minutes, insisting on the edges. This gesture removes the few residues remaining on your nails. Finally, you clean your hands with soap and water, brushing your nails with a soft bristle brush.

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