10 Sparkling Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas

10 Sparkling Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas

Holiday nail art is not a new trend; every holiday is represented with a lot of trendy and on themed nail options, but there are few categories that can compete with the number of Christmas nail designs. Nail art in general is completely amazing and another way to perfectly accessorize a look. While many people do have the imagination to create a look on their own, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of inspiration to guide you (or your nail tech) into creating the perfect holiday nail art design for the upcoming parties.

Many of these holiday nail designs are actually pre-designed nail sets that you can order to wear later. Some of the holiday nail art ideas and designs are the kind you can do at home, or you can ask your friend with the steady hands to help you with if you are brave. Either way, it is incredibly convenient to be able to purchase the perfect holiday nails for an upcoming party or even just a few to wear during the entire season.

Many of the holiday nail designs in the following list can be purchased and worn whenever you are ready, but any of them can be used for inspiration at any moment you choose. Happy Holidays!

1. Happy Holiday Mani

Hologram style snowflakes thanks to meticulously applied holofoil and decals and little gem accents really offset the holiday matte nearly poinsettia red. The offset color painted ring finger nail is done in stark white to let the red design around the holofoil snowflake really mesh with the overall holiday nail design.

2. Sparkling Pink

A great nail set should work on their own and stand great with any look and these sparkly soft pink holiday nails can do that. The subtle sparkle of the nails looks fantastic and stiletto nails are incredibly high on the current trend list.

3. Christmas Ornaments

As if ombre nails are not cool enough, this holiday nail design uses a glitter ombre with painted Christmas ornaments on each nail. The look is intricate and fun with a design that is obviously designed to be holiday nail art with a definite cheery holiday appeal.Christmas Ornaments

4. Monotone Christmas Nails

Gray is such an underrated color that provides such an interesting contrast against others. Here the matte grey is a stunning background for white snowflakes and matte white boosts the black ornaments and Christmas holiday slogans for a perfect holiday nail design.

5. Sparkling Midnight Mani

Cool colors are always great additions for Christmas nail designs, and here they use a shiny blue gel color, a glittering turquoise and a defining gold line, all of which create a sort of reverse manicure. With the shorter color being nearer to the cuticle it is an interesting take that is still really pretty.

6. Framed Deep Blue Marble

This is another favorite holiday nail design on the list; it’s intricate and hypnotic. The framing gold designs are very cool to look at and unexpected. I am sure we’ll see much more of this style in the future. The gold is a bright, shining contrast that lends a defining detail to the shining teal and blue marble nail designs.

7. Black with Silver Sparkle

Square tipped nails, painted black and covered with silver sparkle nail polish, have a greyish appearance to them. It looks intentional and fashion forward thanks to the textured appearance and matte finish.

8. Icy Classic Nails

The simple and classic appearance of these holiday nails is great, but the forefinger design is textured thanks to the glitter and jewels put on them. The smooth glittered ring finger nail is a great contrast from the other glitter nail and overall the look is interesting as well as beautiful.

9. Gemstone Accents

So many factors contribute to how beautiful this holiday nail art looks overall that it is hard to know which feature to start with. First the line art is amazingly detailed and accented beautifully with well-placed prismatic stones of various sizes. Next are the pearlescent pink pinky nails that shine from every angle and finally the center nail, covered in pink and gold toned glitter, really brings the look together.

10. Rich Colors and Snow

Deep, darker matte magenta shows as a great end color for the thumb and pinky ring fingers. The real surprise is the snowflake icon found on most winter-style clothing done in white over gray, and in the center nail we have a sparkle of rhinestones, while you’re still in the shape of a look or more likely it is a holiday request.

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