Nail art: Glass Nails

Nail art: Glass Nails

We keep seeing crazy manicure ideas popping up, that is glass nails. It gives an effect of broken glasses on the nails, for more fun, light and creativity. Your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the things about the glass nails!

What are Glass Nails?

This Nail Art is not the easiest to achieve, but the final result is well worth the time and patience required. Glass nails give a broken mirror effect on the nails is not only pretty but very original. The length of the nails doesn’t change anything in the realization of this style. Indeed, Glass Nails can be made on short or long nails.

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How to make Glass Nails?

The Glass Nails technique isn’t difficult, but it requires attention and precision. You have to take your time and not rush anything for a good result:

  1. First of all, you have to prepare your equipment: a varnish base, a colored nail varnish, a top coat, pieces of iridescent paper cut into small pieces and tweezers.
  2. To begin with, you must apply a base on all the nails, in order to protect the nail. Allow nails to dry completely.
  3. Secondly, apply a first coat of varnish and let it dry.
  4. Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat of varnish without letting it dry completely.
  5. Finally lay the pieces of paper. To do this, take each end gently with the tweezers and gently place it on the nail, pressing on it so that the crystals are well bonded.
  6. To finish, and once the second coat of varnish is dry and the crystals are in place, apply a coat of top coat to the entire nail for more shine and to fix the crystal tips more .

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