How to have beautiful feet in summer?

How to have beautiful feet in summer?

When the good weather returns, our feet can show out! How to have beautiful feet in summer? The Maryton nail supply will elaborate in the following article.

We take a foot bath, we erase and we sand

Ideally, the water in your foot bath should be at 37℃ to properly prepare your skin for the treatment. This is done once a week, insisting on the heels. If the scrub is not enough, you can sand your feet with a pumice stone. This will loosen stubborn dead skin and prevent its reappearance.

Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber

We cut and take care of our toenails

We should regularly cut the toenails with a suitable nail clipper. For the edges, use a nail file instead to avoid ingrown nails or splitting. The cuticles must be pushed back with a cuticle pusher. Finally, it is possible to use a polisher to slightly erase the surface of the nail and make it smoother.

Massage and moisturize your feet

The foot massages are very pleasant and help to relax them. You can practice them yourself by hand or using props. To do this, sit comfortably and massage with your thumbs starting from the top of the foot to gently descend towards the toes. You can also use a moisturizer or a nourishing cream.

Disposable Pedicure Set Manicure Kit For Salon Single-use

Now you know how to have beautiful feet in summer, take into action quickly! As instruments to the pedicure, we offer you lots of pedicure sets. If you prefer disposable products you will also find them on our nail supply store online.

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