The 3 most frequent problems encountered in nail prosthetics: how to avoid them?

The 3 most frequent problems encountered in nail prosthetics: how to avoid them?

When gel, resin or capsule nails don’t hold, it’s as frustrating for you as it is for your client. Why do fake nails not stick? What to do? In this blog, the Maryton nail supply will tell you everything.

The gel polish doesnt hold on the nails, what to do?

As a nail professional, you will first make sure to degrease the surface of the nail plate after carefully removing the cuticles. Indeed, the edge of the nail must be perfectly clean, because if the gel touches the skin, there is a strong risk of it peeling off. Even if the gel hardens under the effect of the LED or UV lamp, the skin remains mobile. Normally, if the steps of the application are carried out correctly, the gel shouldn’t peel off, whether it is the false nails or the gel polish. However, it also happens that a gel that doesn’t hold is linked to a poor quality of the product, resulting in insufficiently strong adhesion.

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Why do the capsules peel off?

If the entire capsule comes off, it may be an error in your protocol. Don’t blame yourself, find out where the error comes from so that it doesn’t repeat itself again. If one of the artificial nails has broken in the middle, this may be due to the wrong choice of capsule, often too long. When the size of the capsule is not adapted to the natural nail, the notch located at the level of the lunula comes off.

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Why do resin nails hold?

Just like gel or capsule, resin nails can peel off. This may be due to an error in quantity, especially if the nails break on the sides. The resin artificial nail may also split at the free edge. In this case, it is probably an error in the thickness of the crown produced during the shaping of the material.

OK! Now you know everything you need to avoid getting your nails from falling off, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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