Nail fungus: 5 mistakes not to make

Nail fungus: 5 mistakes not to make

Oncomycosis, better known as nail mycosis, is damage to the superficial or full-thickness nail by a fungus that has settled in and proliferates too much. In this article, we will tell you 5 mistakes not to make. Just follow us!

The study found that nail fungi are favored by the following risk factors:

  • nails weakened by cosmetics or mechanical stress
  • frequent and prolonged contact with water, as the humidity makes the nail porous and promotes maceration

How to treat onychomycosis? Here are 5 mistakes not to make again:

  • Camouflage mycosis with varnish

For aesthetic reasons, some women camouflage their mycosis with cosmetic varnish. This cover-up weakens the nail and only accelerates and aggravates the problem of mycosis on the foot.

  • Self-treat without diagnosis

In case of suspicion of oncomycosis, it’s essential to consult a specialist to make the diagnosis. Self-treating can be counterproductive because local treatments can negatively affect the samples taken from the skin condition.

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  • Reuse pedicure instruments

When suffering from oncomycosis, it is tempting to use a pumice stone or file to treat the affected nail. Reuse these instruments on the other nails, and thus take the risk of spreading the fungus!

  • Stop treatment too soon

The treatment of nail fungus is long: on the hands, it lasts 3 to 6 months and on the feet, 6 to 9 months. If this treatment is stopped too early, the mycosis persists. It is  essential to be regular and patient to overcome it.

  • Leave the mycosis hanging around

When yeast infection is ignored, the problem only gets worse. Before getting there, it is advisable to quickly consult a specialist, who will take a mycological sample. To limit the damage, it is recommended to avoid maceration of the nails.

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