Nail care: 3 magical natural tips to strengthen them

Nail care: 3 magical natural tips to strengthen them

The way your nails look says a lot about your lifestyle. Low temperatures, household chores or even certain microelement deficiencies can weaken them on a daily basis. To protect your nails in cold weather, we share 3 easy natural and very effective tips for a top manicure.

Castor oil: a blessing for the nails

Also called “castor oil”, castor oil is a great asset for the treatment of hair and skin. This oil is also very effective on the nails. Apply directly to your nails and cuticles every evening, massaging gently, then leave on overnight. You can repeat the operation several times a week, for optimal results.

Olive oil and lemon juice: a perfect combo for your nails

The moisturizing and fortifying properties of olive oil are also very interesting for nail health. To restore their shine and beautiful color, massage your nails every evening with olive oil and a few drops of lemon. Olive oil will make your nails look shiny and soften your cuticles, which you can push back more easily later.

Garlic: a precious ally for fortified nails

Just crush one or two large pods of this plant, then apply the paste obtained directly on the nails, for a good quarter of an hour. This recipe is very powerful to prevent the formation of bacteria and to grow nails in a natural way.

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