How to have hot nails with lemon?

How to have hot nails with lemon?

Do you have brittle or yellow nails? Lemon would be the ideal solution for. This citrus fruit has whitening properties and is ideal for taking care of your cuticles. Keep reading!

The virtues of lemon

One of the most consumed fruits in the world, lemon is both a health food and a slimming asset. The lemon, an inexhaustible source of vitamin C, is composed of potassium, calcium, iron, copper and phosphorus. This amazing citrus fruit also has antiseptic and antifungal properties. The citric acid it contains fights in particular against the spread of fungi and fungal infections of the nail.

How to use lemon on your nails?

Cut one or more lemons into wedges and rub your fingernails against the pulp. Repeat the operation several times a week to obtain stronger and whiter nails. You can also add some warm water and let your nails soak for 10-15 minutes. By combining it with vegetable oil, it both tones the nail while nourishing it. If you have particularly brittle nails, opt for vegetable castor oil: it accelerates growth and hydrates the epidermis.

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Precautions to take with lemon

The use of lemon still requires some precautions. First of all, lemon is photosensitizing, which means that it is not recommended to expose yourself to the sun after applying it to the epidermis. Then, if you use lemon essential oil, always mix it with a little water. It is also not recommended for children and pregnant women. Finally, if you have small cuts on your fingers, avoid applying lemon pulp.

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