Nail polisher: how does it work?

Nail polisher: how does it work?

The nail polisher is an essential tool to perfect your manicure, especially for those who do not often wear varnish. With its many faces, it offers more possibilities than the nail file to take care of your nails. Find out how to use a nail polisher and how to choose the right one.

How to properly use a nail polisher?

Know before you start: It is recommended to prepare your nails. We advise you to feed them with sweet almond oil or castor oil. Then, start filing your nails with the side with the coarsest grains to give them the desired shape. You can then file the surface of the nail to smooth it and remove the ridges. Finally, the last step is to shine the nail.

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Mistakes not to make

The usefulness of the polisher is to be able to perform these actions with a file adapted to each of them. However, the most common mistake is using the same face for all actions: filing, polishing, smoothing, shine. Do not use your polisher too often: once every 15 days is more than enough to maintain your nails.

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The nail polisher is very useful for your manicure:

  • It files, smoothes, polishes and shines your nail in minutes
  • It allows you to take care of your natural nails so that they are always smooth and shiny even without varnish.
  • There are different shapes of polishers, in blocks or in file form, in various colors, to adapt to everyone’s tastes and habits.

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