How to make a Baby Boomer, the modern version of the French manicure?

How to make a Baby Boomer, the modern version of the French manicure?

Do you like nail polish but fuchsia pink, green and blue are not colors you would put on your fingertips? Then the Baby Boomer is for you, it’s a manicure technique that is increasingly appearing on the hands. Today, I will tell you how to make a Baby Boomer.

What is the Baby Boomer?

The Baby Boomer is a nail art technique from the United States, halfway between the French manicure and the application of a classic nude varnish. The nail is adorned with a pretty gradient going from white to pale pink, thus reminiscent of the nails of babies, hence its name.

The Baby Boomer has made a name for itself in the world of nail art because it offers a neat, discreet, elegant and feminine finish. It is ideal for all women who like to wear nail polish but who don’t dare wear colors that are too showy.

How to do a Baby Boomer manicure?

Here is the steps for a Baby Boomer manicure:

Step 1: take care of your natural nails. Using a nail file to file your nails to your liking, so that they are rounded or square. The ideal is to leave them relatively long so that the gradient is more visible.

Double Sides Zebra Manicure Nail Tool Professional Regular Plastic Nail File

Step 2: apply the base coat. It is very important to protect your nails well by applying a layer of fortifying product.

Step 3: apply the first coat of nude varnish. After choosing the varnish of your choice, pale pink or any other pastel color, apply it on your nails.

Step 4: apply the white varnish. Like a French manicure, put a coat of white on the free edge of the nail. Using a cotton swab or a small makeup sponge, pat so that the color blends lightly with the nude nail polish.

Step 5: apply a layer of top coat. The loop will be complete once you apply the top coat to protect your manicure and make everything shine.

And of course, once the pattern is finished and the nail polish is dry, place the top coat. It allows your nail art to last several days! As shown above, start your nail tour with your professional manicure kits! If you want to know more about nail beauty, please take a look at our Maryton website.

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