Men’s Manicure

Men’s Manicure

Generally speaking, not only women’s nails need care, but men’s nails also need. The care of men’s nails needs to have professional manicure set, soften the skin, trim the nails, and shape the cuticle. It may sound cumbersome, but it is very easy to do, and even you can easily complete a complete set of men’s nail care at home. In this article, we will tell you how to care for men’s nails. Follow in our footsteps next:

Step 1: Cut your nails

Men’s manicure first needs to cut the nails and only cut the white part of the nail. What’s most important is that cut your nails as less as possible. If you cut your nails too much, you will damage your nails.

Step 2: File the edges

After cut your nails, the nail file is time to play. Filing your nails from one side to another side slowly by the nail file. The process will be long and boring, and you have to be patient and done slowly.Because maybe your careless, will cause very serious consequences.

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Step 3: Deal with the excess cuticle

Attention: don’t tear the cuticle by your fingers. Because it is easy to bleed when you tearing the cuticle. If you don’t operate in a sterile environment, you may even most likely infect bacteria, causing incalculable damage. You can use the professional nail supplies to deal with the excess cuticle.

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Step 4: Hydrate your hands

In the final step, rinse your hands and apply the corresponding lotion. Don’t underestimate this step, it can effectively improve the dryness of your hand skin and help repair the damage caused by the nail care process.

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