How to stop biting your nails?

How to stop biting your nails?

Onychophagia or nail biting is the most common nervous tic. Many of you suffer from this bad habit, it literally rots the lives of thousands of people. According to the statistics: in fact 30% of children and 45% of teenagers are affected, the proportion for young adults and adults is lower at 25% and 5%.

Nail biting is linked to excess perfectionism of an individual who tends to be more sensitive to frustration, impatience and boredom. the fact that this bad habit would have a positive side, although unsuitable, because it allows the individual to “regulate his emotion”. Biting your nails is an obsessive behavior, the application of a bitter varnish like this brings “material help” to solve this behavior.

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The nails are a privileged cocoon for bacteria, all bacteria are concerned because the nails are known to be twice as dirty as the hands and in putting them in your mouth you roll out the red carpet for these “little beasts”. In addition, by attacking the skin you will let these bacteria enter your body via the wounds you inflict on yourself and there is a high risk of paronychia which is an infection affecting the tissues around the nail.

Bitter varnish is a significant help to stop biting your nails by simply disgusting you, so yes the taste is disgusting but if your nails have a delicious candy flavor it would be absolutely useless! Disgust is an effective weapon, a first step that can allow you to quit definitively if of course you really want to.

What’s more, the necessary manicure products also prevents you from biting your nails. For example, using the nail flies to polish and shape your nails; Push your cuticles in one direction with a wooden stick…

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