How to make the marble effect nail art?

How to make the marble effect nail art?

Today, we are talking about a technique that is becoming more and more popular in this field, the Marble effect. It may seem complicated but it is extremely simple in its preparation with an elegant and sophisticated result, ideal for those who have little time to devote to nail care or complex Nail Art.

With this technique you can highlight your nails in a few simple steps. Let’s see it in detail:


• Carry out the preparation of the nail by doing a dry manicure; then mattifies the nail surface with the nail beauty supply.

• Create the elongation with Dual Form and Poly Acrigel. Do not carry out this step if you do not want to create the extension but prefer to achieve the Marble effect on the natural nail with the Gel Nail Polish.


• Apply a coat of Pure White semi-permanent nail polish, and polymerizes in LED / UV lamp 48 W 30 seconds. Repeat the step applying a second pass and cure again in LED / UV Lamp.


• Give the matte effect by applying a coat over the entire nail, do not polymerize.

• Take a thin tip nail art brush and mix the deep black semi-permanent nail polish, to create the classic shaded lines that characterize the marble effect over the entire nail.

• Subsequently Polymerizes 30 seconds in 48 W LED / UV lamp and then degreases.

If you want to embellish and give a touch of brilliance, finish with the Diamond Star Gel Nail Polish. It’s time to say goodbye, and I wish you have a good manicure!

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