Does semi-permanent varnish damage the nails?

Does semi-permanent varnish damage the nails?

Applying semi-permanent varnish is very trendy these days. On the other hand, many people ask a lot of questions about the negative effect of these polishes on her nails. But is semi-permanent varnish really harmful on the nails?

The answer is uncertain. If you apply the polish on healthy nails maintained with high quality products, it is sure that your nails will not be damaged. If the varnish is applied to fragile nails or nails that have not received special care for a long time, the answer will be yes.

Today there are a large number of nail supplies available to help you take care of your nail polish. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the most according to your needs and the type of your nails. However, the application of these products is not sufficient. You will also need to adopt a few principles in your daily life.

First of all, there are household chores. We are all aware that it is impossible for us not to perform them, but it is still important to protect our fingers with a rubber glove. Then, you can wash dishes, clean dishes and prepare meals in the right conditions, all while pampering your fingers.

In addition, remember to apply the oil well to the dry skin around the cuticles. Sometimes our nails scratch us when we apply semi-permanent varnishes. It’s very tempting, and often the urge is impossible to resist. But we must resist this temptation. If for some reason your polish does peel off, take some nail glue and apply a few drops under the loosening layer.

Semi-permanent varnish is very popular today. Which is totally normal due to all of its advantages and benefits. However, it is still good to specify that to guarantee its perfection and durability, it is important to maintain it and apply the necessary care.

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