New Crowdfunding TWS Headphone PaMu Slide

New Crowdfunding TWS Headphone PaMu Slide

Xiaomi continue to launch all kinds of new products all the time, and for some months, we have seen announcements about the arrival of new headphones. After so long, it has decided to launch the new Pamu Slide through its Crowdfunding platform. These headphones come from the Padmate company, which appeared in 2010 and has managed to launch other headphones throughout this time, however, none have been as popular as these, due to all the advertising campaigns that have been conducted around them, especially in Indiegogo.

The new Pamu Slide headphones

The Pamu Slide headphones , have new and improved technology, for example, touch control, reinforced bass, stable Bluetooth 5.0 , up to 60 hours of music and voice playback, USB Type-C connection, and in addition IPX 6 certification. In addition to that, they have an integrated chip that helps improve the connection considerably, making it more stable and with better sound quality. As if that were not enough, this device integrates both Intel and Qualcomm technology, so the sound quality is superior to any other similar device.

In addition to everything already mentioned, it has an ergonomic design with which you can easily take the headphones anywhere, you can play up to 10 hours of music and it has wireless charging. It is a product that is still in production, however, its price is thought to be around $129.

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