Mesmerizing Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays

The holiday season is full of a lot of things that would require your look to be on point. Professional, familial and friends’ holiday parties, lots of photo ops, vacations and appearances mean that your party makeup looks are going to get a lot of rotation. Interesting ideas of party makeup looks are always good to have in mind, especially around the holidays.

Even if your repertoire of party makeup ideas is plentiful, there is always room for more. Makeup is an ever-evolving art that can be adjusted perfectly to suit your features, highlighting what you want, hiding what you don’t. Party makeup is damn near magic as you can go a bit further in the feel of being festive.

No need to be bashful unless that is your thing, but we have the party makeup looks you want to try in this list. There is definitely something for everyone, every outfit, every party, every holiday. There is nothing wrong with having a go-to standard party makeup look, but we thought it might be nice to offer you some of the best we have seen online.

Everything from variations on the smokey eye to the copious amounts of glitter that the bravest makeup lovers put on and even minimalistic pretty looks are represented on this list. Whether you are going for a bold look or a soft one, you can find plenty of party makeup options here. One of the biggest things to remember for nearly all the looks is to blend and don’t forget to set your looks!

1. Deep Glimmer and Glam

Deep reddish brown with a touch of glitter on the eyes makes this a deep colored party makeup look that would work well all day. While it may be a bit glam for an average daytime party, it would definitely be on the line where it is pretty enough to question ‘Is this too much’? The answer is no, this is a perfect all day look for any party held anywhere where you want to make a statement.

2. Gold Sweep Party Makeup

Though this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a sweep of a creamy gold shade across the lids accented with a thick liner to offset the color can make a great impact without being over the top. The lip is a soft shade in a matte gloss for a comfortable, easy going party makeup look perfect for your family’s annual holiday parties.

3. Modern Mermaid Glam

Whether the party you are attending is themed or not, this is a great look with a ton of dramatic flair. The nearly peacock shaded eyes shimmer at every angle and are beautifully blended to be the feature that steals the looks. The nude shimmering lip and well placed blush and highlighter work well with the contour, but those eyes are the treat of this party makeup design.

4. Light Smokey Eye Party Makeup

The variations of the smokey eye are one of my favorite things about makeup tutorials, and this softer smokey eye is no exception. This is a look that can pass for lighthearted or sultry, that is the beauty of the smokey eye. This party makeup smoulders and looks great against her skin, matched well with this incredible lip color. This look is made to be seen.

5. Red, Rose and Gold

This is soft and sweet as party makeup looks go, accented with a thick fan of lashes and a matte light pink and rose lip. The rosy blush and red tones in the eyeshadow work well together, rather than overpowering because it is not all the same shade.

6. Cool Tones and a Purple Lip

A shiny purple lip is a bold feature every time, and the cool pewter and silver shadows are a great combination. As party makeup looks go, this one is all glam, designed to be seen, photographed and noted throughout the night, gaining compliments left and right.

7. Red Lip

Serious contouring and precision highlighting keep the look warm, neat and subtle, while the boldness of that rich red lip steals the show. The matte color is still moisturized looking and appears freshly applied even after a few hours wear. This is how you wear and accentuate a red lip to say ‘Happy Holidays’.

8. Cotton Candy Smokey Eye

This party makeup has the lighthearted look that works beautifully with her cotton candy colored hair and high-shine pink lipstick. The contouring was light but effective, leaving the full focus on her eyes. This is a great nearly hypnotizing party makeup idea.

9. Holiday Sparkle

This holiday party makeup look is more about the sparkle than most. The wide eye-accentuating makeup and soft pink lip look adorable and fresh, but the real eye catcher is the hair. Though my recommendation would be to use the glitter gel in a more undercut style to give more volume to the waves, it is an appreciable look for the originality.

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