5 Key Winter Pieces No Girl Should be Without

5 Key Winter Pieces No Girl Should be Without

If there’s one season any fashionista should be thoroughly prepared for, it’s winter. This time of the year is when any girl should make sure she’s both comfy and stylish at the same time, and that’s not really as easy as it sounds. This winter, make sure your wardrobe is stocked up with everything you need to pull off each and every look with comfort and ease. Here are a few of the key winter pieces no girl should be without during this time of the year.

1. Stretch tights or leggings – whether you’re wearing them to layer or to add more warmth to your look, stretchy tights and leggings are a must in the winter. A black pair, of course,would be the best choice although you can always opt for colored ones if what you’re looking for is something to liven up your look.

2. Snow boots – if you’re from a place where winters get heavy with snow, you know that snow boots are an indispensible part of your wardrobe. Don’t succumb to the ugly ones, though, and go for something a bit more stylish instead. With the right pair of snow boots, even the most basic winter look can become chic.

3. Statement outerwear – everyone needs an outerwear or two in the winter, but if you want to make sure you stand out, a statement piece is what you need. Get yourself a nice womens trench coat with a really sophisticated vibe, or perhaps a coat in a vibrant color, or maybe even a jacket with stand out details and designs. Just topping off your outfit with a statement outerwear piece is sure to get you all the attention that you want.

5. The dark neutrals – building a winter wardrobe that’s easy to manage and pull off? Dark neutrals like black, taupe, and gray are your best bet. Stock up on basics in these colors and never have to stress out about what piece to wear with which ever again, at least for winter, that is.

6. Knitwear – another must have you should have whenever winter time comes around are your knitted pieces. Knitwears are comfy and they’re on trend right now, so they’re the perfect ones to wear and stock up on. What’s more is that you can wear your knitwear with just about anything, so they’re really easy to style and mix and match as well. If you’re looking for the coziest option, chunky knitwear is where it’s at.

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