Accessories For Black Dress Every Girl Would Need

Accessories For Black Dress Every Girl Would Need

Every woman has a black dress in her closet. This is one item which is regularly used in parties and social occasions and it looks amazingly classy. But what makes your LBD (Little Black Dress) different from others? Well, it’s the way you accessorize it!

If you go to any party, you will see that a black dress is omnipresent. But something which will give it an edge is how you will accessorize it and make it different from the others. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the right accessories for black dress. You can have golden shoes or even a golden bag with the dress and it will still look stunning.


We have curated some of the best accessories that you can carry off with your LBD and decide what to wear with black dress.

The Right Shoes

A good dress is never complete without the right shoes! You can choose to wear flats with your LBD, but your look will fall really flat! Whenever you are wearing an LBD, make sure your flash those heels. Among black dress accessory ideas, heels are the accessory which can make any dress look stunning. If your LBD is very plain, you can jazz up with some pretty heels or even raise your colour game. Just wear heels which are contrasting than you outfit to complete your look.

For those winter days, we request you not to go for those UGGS. Instead, wear a nice pair of boots with heels. You can choose to have boots which are embellished or you can even go for plain looking but classy boots. The choice is yours.

If you want to keep it elegant, wear nude heels. This will give off a very polished look.

This is how you can accessorize your dress with nude heels.

The Right Bag

How many items do you generally stuff in your handbag and how many of them are actually needed? Once you can answer that, you can easily carry off exactly the handbag you would need with your LBD.

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So, if you are going for a casual occasion, then you can carry off a larger handbag. Since it is not that formal a larger handbag won’t make much difference. But we advise you to avoid larger handbags because they tend to make the entire outfit very shabby and clumsy looking. An LBD is a dainty affair and if you want black dress accessories for wedding, you have to go for something classy and elegant, like clutches or cross body bags. The cross-body one is again semi-formal and more of a Boho look. If you are rushing to a party, please dump that large bag and instead carry a smaller clutch. It will make your dress look a lot better.

This is how chic cross body bags look:

For an evening out, for heaven’s sake carry a clutch!

Take cues from our celebs here:

The Right Jewels: Black Dress Jewelry

Last but not the least, the most important part of accessorizing your LBD is choosing the right jewelry. You can wear big earrings to draw focus only to your ears or you can choose to have a blingy necklace. If your LBD is not too jazzy, you can easily use some really smart jewelry to complete your look. Statement necklaces and earrings can add instant jazz to your LBD.

Go for classier necklaces like those made of precious gemstones and pearls. A pearl necklace is the best accessory that you can pair up with an LBD. Check out these for more inspiration:

Hope we have given you enough inspiration for your next LBD occasion!


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