Would You Choose a Recycled Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring

For many people approaching their wedding, one of the most important choices to be made is the wedding rings. After all, unlike the other various things you have to choose like flowers, invitations and cake, the wedding rings are supposed to last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a wedding band just for yourself or a matching set for you and your husband, you should always take into account your personal taste, but what about your personal values?

If you could have a ring you loved, while also keeping with your ethical and environmental views, is this something you’d be interested in?

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Second Hand Wedding Rings
For many people, the idea of being environmentally friendly is important, and saving money can also be an important thing when planning a wedding. If this is something that appeals to you, you can of course consider buying a second hand wedding ring – for example from a second hand jewelry specialists, or an online private sales site. Sometimes people sell their wedding rings due to choosing a new ring (perhaps because they have lost or gained weight, or now want a more expensive ring), inheriting a ring they don’t want, or divorce, and so this can be a way to get a lovely ring at a lower cost and also make use of something that has already been made and used once – thus saving on natural resources. It can also mean you can get an interesting and unusual style, or a period style you love (if you choose an antique used ring).

Wedding Rings Made of Recycled Materials
If you love the idea of an eco friendly wedding ring but want something new rather than second hand, then you can get some stunning engagement and wedding rings made from recycled precious metals. Whether you have a specific metal in mind or are interested in unusual alloys where different metals are mixed together, you can find something truly special that has been made new from old or reclaimed pieces. By choosing a good designer or picking someone who will take a commission to make you a bespoke ring or set of wedding bands from recycled gold or other metals, you know you will have something really unique while still helping the planet.

Ethical Rings
Another aspect of choosing a ring that many brides to be consider important is whether any stones used in it were ethically sourced. It is possible to buy ethical, conflict free diamonds, so if you do want diamonds set into your rings make it a priority to seek out jewelers who use these. If you are not comfortable with diamonds at all, there are plenty of other precious and semi precious stones, and again, you can have these from recycled sources, reclaimed from other jewelry, if this appeals to you.

Whatever matters most to you, thanks to the internet it is now easier than ever for brides and grooms to find jewelers who have similar values and create beautiful rings!

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