Waves For the Win

Waves For the Win

John Frieda products are making waves about waves. In his extremely helpful video series, hair guru Harry Josh breaks down what it takes to get a variety of wavy looks. We’ve looked at some of these in past videos about beachier looks. But today, we’ve got a remarkable tutorial about about a more “red carpet” look. Watch the video and see for yourself. But first I’ll talk about it for awhile.

Turns out, waves are all about volume. Without first achieving volume, you won’t give waves anything to hold onto. John Frieda has a bunch of volume building products. And they start their work from the moment you step into the shower to the moment you grab onto your hair with hairspray.

If you follow along with the Harry Josh video, you’ll add the first volume-building product right in the shower. It starts working on your hair, to give it a vibrancy that it might otherwise lack. Then add another when it’s dry. Finally, add some John Frieda volume-building hairspray to seal the deal after you’ve achieved your look.

What you do in between these steps is how you achieve your waves. Harry Josh wants you to start out with an extreme side part. Comb the hair down until it’s well under control. Then section the hair into four different sections, which will be treated individually. Build loose, wide waves into the hair sections. Then brush them out to give them a regular texture. Section the waves of in clips, one per wave, and wait a few minutes while the hair cools and sets. Then remove the clips and comb once again. A quick hairspray keeps them in for the rest of the day and night. It’s a bit of a project, but it’s a look that’s really worth it. Whether you’re on the red carpet, on the town, or out for a date night, this look will be your best friend.

Source: fashiondivadesign.com

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