The 12 Best Wedding Hairstyles That Would Make Any Bride Shine

The 12 Best Wedding Hairstyles That Would Make Any Bride Shine

There are many elements involved in putting together the perfect wedding look. First you have to find the dress, then you need to decide on makeup and jewelry, and then comes the hair. Whether you use extensions or not, decide to wear your hair up or down, go for a sleek up-do or free-flowing romantic look, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 amazing wedding hairstyles that would make any bride shine.

Milkmaid Braid

Get inspired by Paper and Lace and go for this beautiful hairdo, which is perfect for girls with long hair. This look suits women who don’t want to commit to a tidy sleek updo but still want to put their hair up.

This look works best on those of you who still have ombre ends. The blonde will contrast beautifully against your darker roots.

1920’s Romantic Look

Inspired by the “Great Gatsby” bride hairstyleses from the 1920’s, this look is perfect for the true vintage lover and will suit a flowing romantic dress. Add a statement accessory to seal the look and make sure your strands stay put.

Twisted Bun

If you have thick and long hair this twisted bun could be perfect for you. You only have to consider whether the high bun compliments your facial features.

Either pull your entire hair up in the bun for a more classic look or leave a few loose strands loose for a playful look.

Loose Side Swept Fishtail Braid

If you want to show off your long locks , this beautiful loose side swept fishtail braid is the perfect way to do it. You can either add extensions for a longer braid or stick to your own hair. This is a stunning look for the boho chic bride.

Hollywood Waves

This hairstyle is probably best for a winter wedding because it could easily get messed up in the summer, plus you wouldn’t like your hair to stick to the back of your neck when you’re dancing. The vintage-inspired look is not that difficult to recreate by yourself or with the help of your friends.

Asymmetric Natural Wedding Hairstyle

This gorgeous look is perfect for Afro-American short-haired women who are looking to skip the weave and go au-natural, which if you ask us, is the most beautiful choice.

This look is perfect for the bride who chose to wear a strapless dress and will accentuate the shape of your face, your delicate neck, and beautiful shoulder line.

Up-Do With Side Swept Bangs And Flowers

This stunning hairdo is perfect for middle to long length hair and enables you to show off your cute bangs at the wedding. The messy yet elegant look is perfect for a summer evening wedding. Add a big fake or real flower to match your makeup and dress and finish off the look with a clear wow effect.

The Half Bun

If you’re good with your hair you could probably create this amazing half bun look all by yourself with instructions from Etsy. The romantic look is sensual and feminine and can be worn in two ways. You can either wear it loosely for a boho effect, or sleek it for a more classically polished effect. Add flowers, ribbon, jewels or lace to make the look even more unique.

Pixie Cut Hairstyle

If you have short short there aren’t that many hairstyle possibilities but you can accessorize it so that it expresses your unique personality. Whether you decorate your hair with jewelry, lace or flowers, make sure you add something to your cute pixie cut in order to make you stand out.

Romantic High Ponytail with Ribbon Bows

This hairstyle is perfect for the non-conventional bride who wants to be on trend with the whole ponytail effortless look. Pair it with a cute bow and you’re all set to go and wow your guests.

Make sure you keep the ribbon tails long and flowing for a cute and whimsical touch and secure your entire hair in the high ponytail.

Flower Crown

Add a stunning flower crown to your hairdo by keeping your hair down. This works best for a fall or daytime wedding and will add a splash of color to all your photos. Choose your favorite colors for the crown. This style suits all hair lengths so it is very versatile, romantic and fun.

Braided Updo

When it comes to wedding hairstyles it doesn’t get any more romantic than this look, which will suit light-haired brides best or girls with highlights.

The delicate braids shouldn’t be stuck to your head too, but rather should be a bit loose in order to achieve this beautifully sophisticated look.

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