How to Dress Like a California Girl in Summer

When it comes to dressing up for hot summer days, we all know the Cali girls got it down to a tee. There’s just something about California girls’ summer style that makes them look ultra chic but super effortless at the same time and I think we can all agree if I say that’s something we all want to achieve. Here are some tips on how to dress like a California girl In summer. Remember that it’s all about style and comfort when it comes to Cali summer dressing.

COMFY HEELS ARE A MUST – I know many of you think California is the place to wear flip-flops all day everyday because of the beaches and all but, honestly, who stays at the beach all day though? For everyday street style looks, Cali girls have the most gorgeous heels. Pick out a pair that’s not only pleasing to the eyes but easy on the feet as well.

EVERYDAY JEANS – another must have for those who want to achieve the chic California girl look is a pair of everyday jeans. Look for those with special detailing like extra fancy hardware or distressed detailing to give it a cooler look. Of course, this is in addition to a plethora of shorts in every Cali girl’s closet.

BASIC SLOUCHY TEE – even the Cali girls can’t escape the basic pieces like a plain white slouchy tee. These are perfect for quick outfits, as a layering base and on their own with jeans and heels. It’s the perfect piece to take you from brunch to beach in a jiffy and it wears well with just about any bottoms you have sitting in your closet.

SUBTLE BUT EDGY JEWELRY – forget about that big, bold statement necklace or that super chunky bangle bracelet. The California girl look calls for something more subtle but edgy like rock stud earrings with a dangling chain or dainty body jewelry.

STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES – as you know, California is a sunny place so, for Cali girls to stay cool, they need something stylish and functional like a hat that could protect them from the sun and add some serious street style cred to the look or a chic pair of sunglasses to shield the eyes from the harsh sunlight while also adding a cool factor to the outfit.

DAY TO NIGHT DRESS – life can get quite busy and hectic in California and the girls know this all too well which is why a nice and subtly flirty dress to take you from day to night is a must. Pick a dress that’s sexy but not racy and one that you can get away with wearing to work by adding a layer on top like a jacket or a blazer.

SOMETHING BOHEMIAN – everybody has at least a little bit of that Boho girl in them and California girls know how to embrace this side of fashion. Having something Boho in your closet is a surefire way to get stylish even during days when you don’t feel like going for the glam. It’s laidback and chic, just the way you would want to look on an off day.

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