Fun, Fab and Flirty Ways to Wear Flowers this Summer

Fun, Fab and Flirty Ways to Wear Flowers this Summer

There’s no better time to wear flowers than now. Summer is a great time to get your florals on so if you have floral printed pieces lying about, gather them and rock them now! Flowers and floral prints never fail to add a nice girly vibe to any look. It could be subtle and soft or big and bold, depending on what you have and what look it is that you are going for. Here are some fun, fab and flirty ways to wear flowers this summer. Check them out for inspiration to get you started.

FLORAL PRINT OUTFITS – floral prints on clothes never fail to give any outfit more of that girly vibe. If you’re someone who loves to show off her girly side, this is a great way for you to get your florals on this summer. Try a cute floral sundress for a lazy day outdoors or a floral printed jacket for a chilly summer night out with friends or perhaps even for a dinner date with your man. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of floral printed pieces from your closet that you can wear.

FLOWER CROWNS – if you love going Boho, especially in the summer, a flower crown would be an ideal way for you to wear your flowers. I personally like the look of fresh flowers bound into a crown but that can be expensive if you don’t have fresh flowers to pick for free. Luckily, you can get fake flowers from stores like the Dollar Tree that look so much like real flowers and can last you a long time. If you’re not into DIYing flower crowns, you can buy them from your favorite stores as well.

ABSTRACT FLORAL PRINTS – floral prints are perfect for adding a splash of color to your look but not everyone is a fan of these so if you love the color of floral prints but hate the floral graphic, perhaps you’ll enjoy abstract florals. It’s a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit without making it look ultra girly or too feminine.

FLOWER EMBELLISHED ACCESSORIES – if you’re looking for a more subtle way to add flowers to your look, you can always opt for flower embellished accessories. These can be anything from bracelets and bangles to clutches and shoes. Flower embellished accessories are perfect for adding just the right hint of girly vibes to your look.


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